How to Qualify for Medicaid in Pennsylvania
A Guide for Patients and Families
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Finally, a clear guide to a complicated subject.

When a family member needs nursing home care, can Medicaid pay the cost? It can be hard to understand (or even find!) the rules. Our short, colorful guide spells it all out – simply but thoroughly. You’ll find answers to some of the most common questions including:

• What assets count?
• What assets are exempt?
• How much can a spouse keep?
• How do you “spend down” to qualify?
• When can you give away assets with no penalty?
• How much of your income can your spouse receive?
• How do you apply?
• When should you apply?
• What happens after a Medicaid recipient dies?
• What is Medicaid Planning?

Diagrams and worksheets show you visually how Medicaid works. Dozens of examples illustrate the rules in action. You’ll understand the process like never before, and have the confidence to help your loved one get the care they need and the benefits they deserve.

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